I am so blessed to have had amazing clients!  I love being able to guide and support people through their health journey and help them to achieve their goals.  I absolutely LOVE being a personal trainer and hearing testimonials like these:

weight loss transformation

Rosemary Goebel

Prior, I felt nervous and discouraged.  After implementing the nutrition and exercise I feel proud of myself and finally discovered a more healthy routine and lifestyle that I can maintain.  I realized that it’s not about doing things flawlessly, but about not giving up.   The meal guide was easy to use and the workouts were tough but manageable.  I loved the personal development because it made me be honest with myself.  The whole journey is very personal and about so much more than weight loss.  I discovered that sometimes I really put up walls with myself and that I need to acknowledge those walls and move past them.  I feel like my mindset has really matured and just because I have one bad day doesn’t mean I just throw in the towel.  Now I just look at each day as a new day to move in a positive direction.  I’ve reached my goals of slimming down and maintaining a lifestyle! Now I’m much more confident in myself and my personal strength!

Ashley Sheets

Before I started, I was bored and was lacking motivation in my routine.  This really allows me to challenge my goals and improve my personal development and exercise.  I feel energized and motivated to continue to pursue what I really want to do in life!  The workouts and meal guides are great and I definitely feel like it changed the structure in different areas of my body.  I’ve learned to change my attitude from the moment I wake up, accept the things I cannot change and change the things I can – regardless of how long it takes.  Goals and dreams can be accomplished with consistency and determination.

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client transformation

aaron godinez

Before using Isagenix nutrition and a solid workout plan, I really struggled with my weight. At the beginning of March, I was nearing 300lbs and the thought of that was very scary. Not only for me, but my wife and my daughter too. No way would I allow myself to continue to go another day of being super unhealthy and overweight. Over the course of the next several weeks, I started to hit the gym and feed my body the nutrition it deserved.  I droped a significant amount of weight and packed on lean muscle mass. What started with “I’ll try this to drop a little weight” became “I am doing this and nothing is going to stop me”. The fire and passion that burned inside of me only intensified to a point where I just wanted to share this system with everyone I knew. My wife and I set out to share it with as many people as possible knowing the power of fitness and good nutrition. As more and more people enrolled, that only made me more passionate to show the world that if I could do it, then they could do it. I am down a total of 40lbs and 14 inches. I no longer have extreme back pain, I snore less, and have extreme amounts of energy that has allowed me to venture out and do more physical activity. I recently participated in a 5k with my family in Arizona. The amazing thing was I actually ran more than half of it. The previous 5k I attempted to do I couldn’t even run more than 50 yards without stopping.. And, did I have back pain? NO, not one bit. As I write this, I can’t tell you how excited I am to be where I am out now. I know this is just the beginning and so excited for what the future has in store for me. My wife who has been with me in this challenge the entire time has really pushed me to be the better me and for that, I love her so much. The support from my cousin Cassie has been amazing too. I couldn’t had done this without her either. Her constant follow up with me and her willingness to answer anything I had for her has really been something I think that was missing from my previous attempts to lose weight. This challenge will be something I will always remember. It’s something that I will be able to share with people forever.

Katie Hinnenkamp

I first started with a 30 day challenge with Cassie and I wanted to just tone up my body and look amazing for my wedding!! Well, 9 months later I feel amazing and was able to look amazing for my wedding and daily life!!  The biggest thing it has helped me with is get off my medication.  I can’t be more thankful for great health and no more bandages!! I have had no pain since June and no medication since September!! Happy dance for me and my life!! I just love Isagenix and what is has done for me mentally and physically.  I hope to see more changes with the business side so I can enjoy life more and have extra money for “ME”!!! I truly do love the changes it has made for some close family and friends.  During the Wellness Warrior challenge, I realized that working out by itself won’t get you the body that you want.  You need great nutrition to fuel your body!  The challenge was great and it was great to be involved and always have support!  I will always keep on advancing.  I can do it and GOD wants me to be the BEST I can be!

weight loss transformation

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Janelle Curry

After this challenge, I have lost 22.4 pounds, down 33.5 inches and have gained muscle definition. But more importantly I have gained my confidence back that I haven’t had in a long time. I have been sleeping better, have clearer skin, and have more energy to take on the day. I was always uncomfortable anywhere I went, nervous about what I looked like in my clothes and how others viewed me. Now, I look forward to going to the gym, and pushing myself each time. My confidence, energy, strength and wellness is consistently increasing each day. I am so happy that I made the first step out of my comfort zone; making a lifestyle change. I am so grateful and happy, and I’m not looking back!

My lifestyle change is literally one I have been striving towards for a long time but was never able to fully make it on my own. I have found the support of an amazing group of like-minded people who are out to help as many people as we can, while also making a residual income for myself. I am so grateful for all of the positive energy coming from those I choose to surround myself with! I am seeing income come in, but that’s not what I’m excited about. What is lighting me up, is that fact that I am helping people! I have seen a change in myself, physically, mentally, emotionally, and others are starting to see that too. I can’t wait to help so many more people change direction and get them back in control of their lives. We have boundless opportunities and possibilities, and we have to believe that. This journey has taught me that it is important to not compare yourself to others, comparison is the thief of joy. It’s important just strive to be better than you were yesterday and support others on their journey too!

theresa godinez

I jumped two feet in using Isagenix to help encourage my husband. I already felt I was healthy enough since I was a runner who just completed the 2015 LA Marathon. Little did I know, I was lacking the proper nutrition and never imagined having such natural energy.  I’ve been able to reach my fitness goals and get into clothes I was ready to donate, never thinking I’d get back into them. During this 10 week journey, I actually wore a bikini in public!!!  NEVER thought that would happen in my life! This has been such a blessing and the encouragement from the whole team has been amazing! I’m down 6lbs and 28.5 inches!

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Brianna Dougherty

First and foremost I want to say thank you! You have been so encouraging, caring, and motivational throughout this journey. I reread the first email I sent to you. That person was depressed, bogged down, and had given up on herself. My journey over these last ten weeks has given me self-esteem, confidence, and strength. I feel like I’m worth the fight! I no longer feel bloated, exhausted, or unfocused. My anxiety and depression is at a minimum, if at all. Through the struggles I have faced through this challenge, Isagenix had kept me driven motivated to succeed for MYSELF.

I feel power. Power to change other people’s lives like Isagenix has changed mine. I have felt such joy from helping out our new team members succeed. I have finally found my inner happiness and I can’t wait to see where these products and my life will take me!!! I AM WORTH IT! 🙂  Cheers to the next chapter!

Ashley Garza

Over the past few years I have tried so many different diets. I got results from all of them but in the end I ended up gaining the weight back and not sticking to the program. Isagenix has changed all of that for me. I actually wake up every morning and look forward to drinking my shake and I know that this is more of a lifestyle change then just a fad diet. I feel stronger and healthier than I ever have before. This challenge has really motivated me to push myself and the nutrients in the shakes have given me the energy to be able to work out almost every single day. Now my favorite part of the day is going to the gym with my husband!  I am less stressed and Love knowing that there is a giant support group full of other members who are determined and loving life as much as me! I am down 25″ and 12lbs in just a few months and put on lean muscle! I feel like a whole new person inside and out and I am so thankful I started on this journey.

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Kelsey Miller

Before starting Isagenix and a fitness plan, my health was at its all-time worst. I had no energy to make it through the day, I couldn’t do more than 5 push-ups, and I had the lack of confidence to match.

I was constantly bouncing between anxiety meds and anti-depressants, along with blood thinners and my asthma inhaler. I was honestly at a point of giving up, I had tried to eat right and workout but was still packing on the weight. I would lose 5lbs here and gain back 10 more. I always felt sick, yucky or in pain and I guess I got used to it so much that I didn’t know any different. I started Isagenix and was skeptical being that I had tried so many other things before and nothing ever seemed to work for me. Years ago I stopped setting goals because I felt like I was always setting myself up for disappointment. Boy, did I get the shocker of a lifetime! I’ve overall lost 30lbs with the nutrition and fitness and I am proud to say through this lifestyle I’m no longer taking any of my medications! I do this not only as a journey to eat healthy, workout and get in shape, but to make the most of it mentally and spiritually as well. This challenge along with the products have been an amazing blessing in my life. I have found a purpose and a love the life it is allowing me to live. It has really created a passion in me, which I hope will continue to grow so that I can help others who might be facing similar challenges that I have faced.

Heather Winters

I’m so excited and happy with my nutrition plan from Cassie.  I had been eating healthy before, exercising, and doing all the right things but it wasn’t working for my body.  Now, even 15 days into it, I feel great, my energy is better, and I know that the inflammation in my joints has gone down!! It feels so good to know what works for my body and what doesn’t! I'm 45 years old and didn't think I could change my body and now I am excited about the possibilities and looking forward to more changes in the future.


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Sara – 12 lbs and 19 inches in 30 days!

This last month was empowering. I have a hard time with self control and impulse decisions. I amazed myself this month when it came to getting 2 shakes in every day, cleanse days, and portion control. I did falter here and there but I never gave up.

Working in the medical field is challenging since your schedule is never the same and taking call makes it even harder to plan your week or even your day. I always have an extra shake and an isabar or 2 in my locker at work for the unexpected longer day or the crazy day where you don't get to take a break.

This challenge has helped my to leave my comfort zone and try new foods that were not even a blip on my radar. I mean egg whites and oatmeal who knew! When it comes to exercise I need someone to tell me what to do or I tend to lose focus and just stop, so the exercise plans helped even if I did need to modify due to being extremely out of shape. This month I managed to lose 12 lbs. I can't really see it and neither can my family but I can feel the difference.

Last week I was sick for 3 days vs my fiance Nate's 2 wk cold. I also have been having trouble with my feet for months now. I even bought $400 inserts from the doctor to help. They did help some mainly only when I was wearing my shoes, but the other day I got up from the couch and didn't waddle. My feet used to hurt so bad I couldn't just get up and walk, I needed to stand still for a minute to let the pain subside before trying to walk. I didn't realize I could just get up and walk right away until Nate mentioned it. After that I have been running up and down the stairs and all over town because I can for the first time in a long time. I can't explain the feeling of freedom from pain, It's life changing.

Even with all the improvements I was still disappointed in myself for only losing 12 lbs, until I took my measurements. 19 inches gone! Nate my fiance said that my tummy hang is starting to disappear. I'm glad I didn't give up even when I thought I couldn't continue. Now I'm excited to see what I can do in the next 30 days. I couldn't have done this challenge or the life style change without Katie Hellickson. She has been there for me in my successes and my set backs.

fitness transformation Minneapolis

Jess lost 12.6lbs and 14 inches in 30 days!!!

I feel great! I have more energy, I can tell a difference in my skin, sleeping better! My clothes are baggy! It's great seeing such a change in 30 days to keep me motivated to keep going on this journey!! I am excited to see what the next 30 days bring! Thanks for everything!

fitness transformation Minneapolis


It all started when I saw Katie’s inspirational posts on facebook! I messaged her, and Cassie, and then my journey began. I said yes to Isagenix, and I said yes to me. The day I took my before pictures, I was sick! Sick about the way I looked, and sick about the way I felt. I knew I had to make a change. I joined Cassie’s challenge, and was determined to succeed. I followed the meal plan, and exercise program faithfully. On day 3 I weighed myself and did my measurements; I think God answered my prayers! The scale went down and so did the measuring tape. I cannot tell you how happy I was to lose part of the “old me”. My motivation stayed strong, and the scale kept dropping, and my energy kept increasing. My body felt satisfied, my mind felt clear, and my smile became genuine. Every week I felt something that I haven’t in years…I felt a passion. . I felt good, heck I feel flippin great! I am 43 years young, and thanks to Isagenix and the wonderful support from all of you in the isafamily, I have found me back! Cassie's meal plans and workouts were amazing! The workouts challenged me and made me increase my fitness level. It was like have a personal trainer in my back pocket all the time. This entire program has changed my outlook on life!!! Cassie, like I told u before God has given you a gift and I have definitely reaped the benefits. Thank you sooo much. I am down a total of 21 pounds and 24.25 inches. I feel great and I am very motivated to continue to build lean muscle and get rid of the remainder of my cellulite. This is only the beginning! I cannot thank you enough for all the support and dedication and confidence you have given me. Thanks for helping me find "me" again.  I am beyond thankful, for God, my family and friends…and for ALL OF YOU…and that I said “yes” to isagenix. My journey has only begun….and thank you!

fitness transformation

Amber – lost 9 lbs and 23.5 inches in 8 weeks!!!

The last 6 months of 2015 I fell off the health wagon, I wasn't feeling well due to some health issues with my shoulder, I stopped working out as well because I felt like my body needed some rest and maybe it would help my shoulder get better. Well during that time I started eating bad and the pounds started to add up quickly. I gained 15-20lbs during that time, I have the type of body that puts on weight fast if I'm not careful about what I'm eating.  Shortly after the beginning of the year I decided I would find a program/challenge to get back on track and then Cassie's challenge popped up on my newsfeed! The program was a lot easier to follow then some others I tried, I really enjoyed it as well! I did mess up a few times but was able to jump right back on the program with no problem. I also loved how supporting Cassie was through the whole process, I can't tell you how many times I emailed her with random questions, she was so kind and helpful! No matter the outcome of the challenge I feel like a winner! :) I lost 9lbs, 23.5 inches, and I feel amazing!

fitness transformation

Katie – lost 15lbs!!!

Attached are my photos. I LOVE my transformation from March to now! :) I'm SO glad that I started this journey!!

Back in March, I thought I was alright... looked fine... and didn't need to lose a bunch of weight but wanted to fix my stomach issues.  After almost a WHOLE year of ISA, I have learned more about myself that I ever have!! I thought I ate OK, thought I put good things into my body, until I actually PUT GREAT things into my body and saw a HUGE transformation!! Now when I put (the things I thought were ok) my stomach freaks out at me... and it really makes me not even want to eat bad things anymore!!

What was my biggest inspiration to do this?! My family and for my second family (My gymnastics team). I have had high cholesterol FOREVER!! I got it tested at 21 and it just kept jumping. The only reason why didn't get put on medication because I wanted to have a family and it could cause birth defects in children.

AND, secondly... I know my gymnasts look up to us coaches... and i was in a place that I didn't feel like a great role model... I honestly didn't think I was in that bad of shape... until my awesome transformation... and REALLY realizing that I was NOT a great role model at all.

The girls think I'm NUTs when they see my snap chats always running, eating my shakes, and that Brynlee does it too... (Always down stairs with me working out) and then... I think about 3 or 4 of that have started ISA ... and use the products themselves!!!! :) It was funny ... a couple girls asked how much ISA costs... because the DL Gymnastics Team (State Champs 2015 & 2016) had a box full at the State Meet.... putting great things in their bodies!! I WISH I would have put these great things in my body when I was in High School.... because I KNOW I would have done WAY more with my ability that I did!!!

Lastly, I wanted to do this for my husband and daughter. Joey honestly thought I was great the way I was... thought I was small (because I was compared to many)... and my clothes hid it more than anything... but today when I showed him my transformation ... he was like WOW. And... he knows that it's helping my health ... Where my Cholesterol dropped under 200, my stomach issues went away (most of the time) ... and just felt SO much better about myself ...  which makes me a happier and healthier wife!!

And for Brynlee! Brynlee sees what I'm doing constantly... and always wants my shakes... and every time we have a spare moment... she runs to get her leotard and my running shoes because she wants to go downstairs... she does gymnastics while I run!! :) I LOVE it. I want her to be healthy! I don't want her to struggle with her weight ... and she is SO active... I want to fuel her body right!!

I cannot believe how much these products can help you with your performance as well! I was nervous if I got a lot smaller ... I wouldn't have the power I used to in Softball...  So, I can hit softball over the fence... before last summer I hit 17 homers... 11 in the summer of 2014... BUT being about 12-15 lbs lighter and healthier... I doubled my home runs ... and had MANY people say... really... she can do that coming out of the small body!! :) LOVE the comments (but obviously staying humble hehe)!! :) I can DEFINITELY see the change in my muscles... the toning is AWESOME! :)