Personal Training

Hands down, there is nothing better than working with a personal trainer to help you reach your goals and provide you with the accountability to make things happen!  

Cassie Gruber Fitness Specializations

Cassie Gruber Fitness Specializations

With all the information out there, it's hard to know which direction to go in or what's the best for you, when it comes to fitness.  I have always loved being fit, but would exercise without a direction to get me the results I wanted.  It was when I started working with a personal trainer that I FINALLY got the results I wanted, exercised because I wanted to and not because I had to, and finally stopped the yo-yo of dieting and exercising inefficiently. 

When working with a personal trainer, you’ll find:

  1. FASTER and BETTER results due to proper plan structuring for your specific body and lifestyle as well as gentle pushing to improve your level

  2. Proper strategy for fat loss and muscle gain

  3. Reduced chance of injury via form correction and technique

  4. Provides the guidance to make good healthy choices and make it a habit

  5. Are happier and less stressed because you aren’t doing the workout planning and can just show up ready to work

  6. A great relationship with someone who puts YOU and YOUR needs first

  7. Motivation and accountability

Who I work with:

I specialize in working with women ages 25-50, who are busy and need a no-muss no-fuss approach to fitness to make things happen!  Whether you are brand new to fitness and have no idea where to start or are more seasoned and need more guidance and accountability, I’m here for you.

I also work with women pre and post pregnancy to help you have the best experience possible with the right coaching and guidance.

I do 1-1 and 2-1 training, nutrition coaching, strategic workout planning, and work with your level to reach the goals you want. I am located near the Ridgedale Mall in Minnetonka, MN.