Postnatal Training

Confident, fit, and sexy after your pregnancy with Cassie Gruber Fitness! 


Ready to move forward now that you’ve birthed your precious babe?!  My postnatal training has you covered with the right exercises and specifically designed program to get your body back into optimal condition after birth.  We will work on balance, alignment, improving your pelvic floor, decreasing diastasis recti, overall muscle conditioning, and helping you to lose the baby weight.

It’s important that you follow the right exercises and not perform traditional ab exercises, traditional body exercises, and plyometric moves until your body has fully recovered from pregnancy and avoid problems with your body.  The tummy pooch, back and orthopedic pain, digestional discomfort, and decreased overall body strength can all be avoided by following the correct techniques for postnatal training.

I can’t wait to work with you and provide the best possible service to get back on your feet and into your new hot mom body that you are proud of!

Services can be done in person or online!  Reach out to me here!